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My CCW has expired; am I required to start the process over or is there a way to reinstate my current CCW?

Unfortunately, it is required to start the process over if your CCW is expired.

Are Range fees and Fingerprinting included in the cost of CCW Course?

Yes, your range fees are included in cost of class, however you must provide the ammunition for the Live Fire Portion of Course. For AZ, FL, MN & UT certifications, fingerprinting is also included. CA and NV require LiveScan fingerprinting, Las Vegas, NV Metro require your prints to be taken at the Metro Station

Can I get the Judgemental Shooting Simulation included in my CCW class?

We make it a standard to include the LaserShot Judgemental Shooting Simulator in all of our CCW courses at no additional charge. However, if we travel to your location, additional communication on classroom requirements will need to be discussed for simulator requirements.