Law Enforcement Training Programs

TTSGI law enforcement programs were developed to instill officers’ confidence and abilities to do their jobs positively each day.

For the law enforcement administrator, TTSGI instructors review the agencies policies and procedures and integrate them throughout the course of instruction. Our instructors’ expertise and diverse backgrounds enable TTSGI to design customized programs to the specific needs of your agency.

TTSGI programs are not designed to adversely impact your agencies budget. Our mission is to train officers. Our programs are developed with your agencies budget in mind.

For the individual officer, you will be confident in the application of any techniques taught in any of our programs.

Our instructors are success oriented. There are no ego driven personalities. Many of our instructors have left such programs in order to participate in TTSGI success driven programs.

Pricing for these courses have been designed to be affordable for the individual officer attending.

Please review that following programs, we can develop the programs which may facilitate your needs.

Any questions involving our programs are more than welcome.